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Healthy Food Hub

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Since 2009, using food as medicine, we are energizing the economic, social and physical transformation of Chicago's foodshed. Our focus is bringing therapeutic, high-quality food to communities most hard hit by COVID-19, with low food access, and high morbidity and mortality rates.

The Chicago foodshed is the geographic region which produces the food for the Chicago area. Production includes growing, harvesting, processing/ packaging and transporting the food to you. When all aspects of a food's production happen within a 400 mile radius of where it is consumed, the food is considered local. 

The Healthy Food Hub is a key way that we build the Chicago foodshed and CommUnity Wealth. Read more about our regenerative agriculture practices and eco-campus, and how we are building the next generation of farmers

We have held 800 markets

Sold 144 tons of local produce

Sold 360 tons of produce
And through this, served 60,000 people!




local & sustainable
We bring affordable, high-quality, nutritious and culturally acceptable foods to communities in Chicago & Southland
One-Stop Market, Accepting SNAP

Regeneratively grown produce from our farm, dry goods, teas, herbs, and additional produce.

Rx Bag Consultations

Market-goers receive a free consultation with Dr. Jifunza Wright:

1) Discuss existing health conditions and medications and questions,

2) Dr. Wright works with you to create your personalized Rx Bag & self-care plan

3) Leave with your personal Rx bag & info on preparing foods for maximum therapeutic value

Rx Bag Therapeutic Food Series

As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing and skill building, at markets we offer demos to promote self-care and knowledge of therapeutic foods.

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Coming soon... 
the Mobile Market!

This Fall we will launch the new Mobile Market for the Healthy Food Hub-- serving neighborhoods in Chicago and Southland.


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Local Food System

Food Production

Food is grown and harvested using food safety standards, no chemicals, all non GMO with love and care.

Food Aggregation, Processing & Packaging

The harvest is prepared for distribution honoring food safety regulations

Food Distribution

Distribution of local foods at Healthy Food Hub Market Days, local businesses & institutions

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