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local & sustainable



We bring affordable, high-quality, nutritious and culturally acceptable foods to communities in Chicago & Southland

One-Stop Market, Accepting SNAP

Regeneratively grown produce from our farm, dry goods, teas, herbs, and additional produce.

Coming soon... the Mobile Market!

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.

Rx Bag Therapeutic Food Series

In today’s globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.

Rx Bag Consultations

1) Discuss existing health conditions and medications and questions, 2) Dr. Wright works with you to create your personalized Rx Bag & self-care plan3) Leave with your personal Rx bag & info on preparing foods for maximum therapeutic value

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