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Renewable Energy Tract

This tract is dedicated to creating, managing & maintaining micro-energy systems! 

In this approach, we aim to combine the benefits of renewable energy generation with agricultural practices. By installing solar panels over agricultural fields or integrating them into farming infrastructure, we can maximize land usage and harness sustainable energy simultaneously.

Integration of Renewable Energy and Agriculture

Agrivoltaics optimizes land utilization by allowing crops to grow beneath or around solar panels. This innovative approach reduces the need for separate land allocations for energy production and agriculture, making the most of available space.

Land Use Efficiency

Solar panels in agrivoltaic systems generate clean and renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. The energy produced can power not only farms but also nearby communities, contributing to a more sustainable energy grid.

Energy Generation

Providing partial shade from solar panels can benefit certain crops, reducing extreme temperatures and water evaporation. This can result in higher crop yields and overall agricultural productivity.

Enhanced Crop Growth

By integrating renewable energy sources like solar panels, we promote sustainable farming practices that align with our mission of creating, managing, and maintaining energy systems. This approach helps to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while fostering energy self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Farming

Our commitment to research and development in agrivoltaic systems will lead to continuous improvements and the discovery of new techniques to further enhance the synergy between renewable energy and agriculture, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Research and Innovation
Renewable Energy Projects
  • Renewable Pembroke 


  • Pembroke Community Sovereign Energy & Food Agrivoltaic Project

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