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Sustainability Building Tract

To master sustainable building practices for shelter for homes, business etc. that are energy efficient! This tract is all about creating healthy places to work and live.


Emphasizing the reuse of materials and components in construction to reduce waste and environmental impact. This involves repurposing items like wood, metal, or glass to create new structures, contributing to sustainability by extending the life of existing resources.


Focusing on maintenance and repair instead of replacement, which not only saves resources and reduces waste but also ensures the longevity of buildings and systems. Repairing, rather than discarding, supports the creation of durable and sustainable structures.


Encouraging innovative and eco-friendly approaches to construction and design. This point promotes the exploration of new materials, technologies, and architectural concepts to continually enhance the sustainability and healthiness of our built environments.

Sustainability Building Projects
  • The Sustainable Building Workshop  


  • Building High Tunnels installing high tunnels on (4) PFR farms this fall 2023 and in spring 2024 


  • The Design of the International Headquarters:  

    • CommUnity Charrettes in 2024 to create a Master Design for the international eco campus build-out


  • Post Harvest Station Build Out Spring 2024.

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