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Farmland Restoration

Restoring the Heritage of Farming in Pembroke Township

 Pembroke Township, Illinois, was once the home of the largest Black farming community North of the Mason-Dixon Line. Founded in the 1860s by runaway slaves, Pap and Mary Eliza Tetter, Pembroke Township became a Black agricultural hub. 

The Black farmers of Pembroke grew hemp for the U.S. Navy during WWII.  They fed Black Chicago during the Great Migration and created a local food infrastructure that included on-farm u pick orchards, fields & ag tourism. These families were committed stewards of the land, and grew organically and biodynamically long before these terms were used. As a result, this region boasts ecological richness and biodiversity that has been lost in many other parts of our country. Click to read more about our land, and history.

Today, less than 50% of this land is owned by descendants of farming families.  

In partnership with Savanna Institute, USDA/The Conservation Fund & Pembroke Township we are working towards

restoring at least 1,000 acres of farmland.

Land Retention

On the verge of losing family land in Pembroke?

Want to keep the family land in Pembroke for farming?

We can help!


Access to USDA Programs

Register your farm or ranch through the Farm Service Agency to get access to Natural Resources & Conservation Service applications to upgrade the viability of your farm or ranch


Increase Farm Ranch Viability

Get an assessment of your land to see how to get the best return on the investment


Farmer Training, Technical Assistance & Mentoring

Have land but don't know how to farm?

Don't have land and want to learn how to farm?

Want to learn how to farm profitably in Pembroke?


We can help!  Call: 773-410-3446 or sign up here:  

Farm Better TA

Pembroke Land Retention

A Better Pembroke In Partnership:










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