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Pembroke Farm Restoration Apprenticeships

Cultivating the Next Generation of Black Farmers


Who We Are

Our Apprenticeship Program cultivates the next generation of Black Farmers through immersion and experiential learning.

Choose a Program

Each training session offers a flexible time commitment. Our training content is structured through Classes (Online & In-Person), On-Farm Learning Events, Crop Rounds, Online Curriculum, On-site Reference Library, and Mentorship. 

3- Eight Week Training Sessions

Spring Training: May- July

Summer Training: July- August

Fall Training: September- October


  • 5-7 Days Full-time On-site Training

  • Lodging is available (if needed)


  • 1-3 Days Full-Time Training On-site

  • Flexible training options for Full-Time workers and students

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Trainees will engage in:


                               Vegetable & Melon Field Crops                                                  Hemp, Medicinal Plants

                                 Perennial Nursery                                                              Livestock (Rotational Grazing)

                              Farming/Agroforestry                                                             Farm Equipment & Safety

                      Grains, Legume & Hay Production                                                  High-tunnel Production

                                            Apiary                                                                             Compost Production

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