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We are navigating a climate uncertain future. We cannot return to nature as we knew it but we can mitigate, manage & be resilient to the impact these global changes are having on our lives henceforth.

There is nothing to lose and only to gain.

Join us in building resilient communities!

(Dried up wetlands near Tulelake California,   2021)

Building Resilient Communities

As the world transitions from what we know and heads towards the unknown; oceans in the sky, constrained resources & a low to no growth economy are much to take on by an expanding global population. At Black Oaks Center, all bets are on us, the everyday people to be resilient, endure the shifts and strains the Earth is going through and to abate what we can. Our aim is not to take on the whole world but to create networks of micro-climates wherein the sacredness of life, nature is honored and our humanity evolves.

We must be BIG & BOLD, courageous in our stewarding to thrive in a post-carbon world. Only together can we Design a Resilient, Sustainable, Ecological Life in spite of it all. Our being & actions speak louder than our voice. The Earth, all life needs us to take and use our power to create something better.

Let us master the skills of sustainability.

The creation of a clean, green, plant-based economy awaits us.

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